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Inredia restaurang

Inredia restaurant

Excellent food in a great space. Eat locally produced food in furniture made in Tibro.

Inredia inredning detaljer

Exhibitions & installations

Check out our historical exhibitions and the furniture from our companies here.

Inredia möbelhantverk

Our history with furniture

Over 150 years of furniture production. From simple chairs made at home to award winning design pieces.

Practitioners, theorists, dreamers and visionaries. We believe in the power of mixing it up.

Inredia is a visitor- and meeting place with a restaurant for all. A place filled with new experiences, great service and really good food. Inredia is the essence of the furniture industry in Tibro all in one place. Come here and get inspired and meet the industry, academy and individuals from our region. You can see the past, the present and the future – exhibitions on three floors.

At Inredia you can have all sorts of meetings, business, workshops, seminars and events. You can also work here for the day or in between meetings. If you want to enjoy a good meal in a nice environment you’re welcome in our restaurant with local ingredients.

Welcome to us at Inredia.